Certified and Sustainable Bamboo X-treme Decking

High-performance outdoor bamboo decking is characterized by high density, high strength, great toughness, high stability, and natural color. The abilities of mildew and weather-resistance and mothproof and flame-retardant properties are superior to National Industry Standards. It is a kind of low-carbon product, which belongs to new environmentally friendly materials used in the outdoor space.

Product Performance

Outdoor reconstituted bamboo is a high-performance bamboo-based fiber composite, which is known as the “King of materials” and “black gold” in the field of bamboo industry, and is the best outdoor product. Eco-friendly low molecular resin is adopted for reconstituting and densifying the weak cells of bamboo to form a solid complex. This product takes the advantages of high environmental protection, high strength and weathering resistance.

Product Properties

  1. Product performance is comparable to steel
    The mechanical properties of outdoor high-performance bamboo are enhanced by three times as much as that of traditional wood. Tensile strength is equivalent to weatherproof structural steel.

  2. Stability beyond imagination
    Outdoor high-performance bamboo has good dimensional stability and is extremely difficult to crack and deform. After boiling, its shrinkage and expansion rate is only 2.8%.

  3. Outdoor durability, corrosion resistance and moth resistance
    The durability of outdoor high-performance bamboo was tested by natural durability test of wood. The results showed that the durability of outdoor high-energy bamboo was strong and resistant to termites, and the retention rate of natural aging property was over 85% after 7 years.

  4. Flame Retardant Property Ensure Safety
    Outdoor high-performance bamboo has B1 flame retardant grade, which is a kind of outdoor material for non-flammable building, and realizes the requirement that materials are not afraid of fire.

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