Polycon GFRC Panel

Polycon GFRC panel

Made in Czech Republic and trusted as the worlds’ highest quality GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) panel, the Polycon GFRC panel is a hand sprayed premixed, high performance concrete system strengthened by multiple layers of glass fibers.

By utilizing form liners, the product can take nearly endless forms in textures, shapes and colors.

Can be used efficiently in the design and implementation of building elements not only in the exterior but also in the interior design.


The product allows for a lightweight but incredibly strong and durable façade element in a non-combustible form. Architects have fallen in love around the world with Polycon for their ability to completely customize their façade panels. Since the product can be formed in multiple dimensions, the requirement for joints can be minimized or eliminated.


Using the factory applied mechanical fixing system, the product floats upon the building facade giving the feeling of continuity of the buildings’ surface.

The glass fiber reinforced concrete panels also allow architects to design with formed angled or rounded corners and in dimensions that are not easily achieved with many other cladding products.


Polycon GFRC products can mimic nearly any textured surface. We can also provide custom perforations based on the designers ideas. And since the product is made from natural materials, the façade will naturally progress in color and will offer a natural variation across panels on the façade.


There are no dimensional limitations on all POLYCON products, which completely eliminates the issue of off cuts and residual material that disproportionately effects the financial budget of buildings beyond the calculated cost.

The variety of surface adjustment and look of Polycon material is great. Besides the basic offer of smooth and coarse surfaces, highly attractive surfaces are created by using imprint matrices and GC membranes. The top layer can have a structure of wood, aggregate, masonry, geometric patterns, ribs, waves, and many others.

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