Alucovering Aluminum Facade System


utilize the most advanced powder coating technology or achieve your visual impact with anodizing.


Achieve a seamless vertical or horizontal façade with the convenience and ease of installation of a modular wall assembly. Pronounce joints or give the look of vast continuity by adjusting your panel joint sizes.


The Alucovering® cladding profiles are made of extruded aluminium alloy and are available in different shapes and heights, up to 500mm.

The profiles are painted with polymerised polyester powders, at a thickness of not less than 60 microns (according to Qualicoat standards); or they are oxidized, with a thickness of not less than 15 microns, in accordance with current regulations regarding anodizing for outdoor use (according to Qualanod standards). There are over 400 possible coloured finishes to choose from on the colour card.

For the production of the Alucovering® cladding, Aliva® uses extrusion, cutting and machining production systems, which guarantee extremely limited tolerances on the finished product.

All production phases are followed by sophisticated control equipment, allowing the best quality of the Alucovering® range to be achieved, in accordance with the company’s quality system, in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001/08 standards.

The aluminium alloy used in the production of Alucovering® is EN AW 6060 [AL MgSi]
according to European standards EN 573.3 – providing T5 physical characteristics, with minimum mechanical properties, in accordance to European standard EN 755.2.
Tensile strength Rm 190 MPa
Yield strength Rp0.2 150 MPa
Elongation min. 8%.

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