Fundermax Compact Panel System


Fundermax is well known for custom graphic panels – product branding, signage and complex custom designs are encouraged.


utilize the ability to perforate panels to create another dimension to your wall assembly.


1300mm x 2800mm
1854mm x 2800mm
1300mm x 4100mm
1854mm x 4100mm

The compact panel is offered as a CNC milled panel so customized sizes in panel lengths over 13 feet are possible.


-Weather-resistant to EN ISO 4892-2
-Lightfast acc. to EN ISO 4892-3
-Double hardened
-Solvent resistant
-Hail resistant
-Easy to clean
-Impact-resistant to EN ISO 178
-Suitable for all exterior applications
-Bending resistant EN ISO 178
-Frost resistant -80oC to 180oC (DMTA - OFI 300.128)
-Heat resistant -80oC to 180oC (DMTA - OFI 300.128)
-Class A fire-rated
-ICC ESR #3340
-Extreme temperature resistant: -112F to +356F
-Vertical and horizontal applications

Max Exterior F-Quality

As a standard, Max Exterior panels come printed on both sides. The panel ASTM E84 Class A fire rated and with the correct assemblies complies with NFPA-285 standards. Thanks to the double-hardened resin, it is also extremely weather-resistant.

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